Specialist programs

Littlehampton Primary School offers students a range of extracurricular activities and specialty programs to broaden their skills and education.

Music program with Jen Edwards

Music Brochure

Reception – Year 5

Students develop their music skills through a range of activities including song, movement, dance, listening, playing instruments, creating music and performing.

Instrumental music

Private tuition is available for drums, keyboard/piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone.


Band is not offered for 2020


We are a Festival of Music school

Littlehampton Primary School participates in the Festival of Music each year. Students from our school have been involved in many ways.  Along with our school choir performing in the Festival of Music concert series, we have also had students in the orchestra, in the performance troupe and as hosts.

The Primary Schools Music Festival presents the Festival of Music in South Australia annually and is recognised as a state heritage icon. This choral program has a longstanding tradition that has impacted generations of public school students across South Australia.

It is a highly valued part of the school curriculum here at Littlehampton Primary School.  Students and families look forward to taking part every year. It stands at the forefront of arts education in South Australia.

The Festival of Music resonates with our school’s commitment to promote the importance of music and the arts in education along with engaging our school community. It plays a vital role in nurturing young talent, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity, and  preserving and building South Australia’s musical landscape and history.

The positive benefits of maintaining a culture of choir and singing at Littlehampton Primary School unequivocally fosters the magic of social connection, belonging and teamwork, strengthens body posture, develops lung function, and helps blood pressure (wellbeing), improves literacy skills (excellence and equity, effective learners), along with many more benefits that enable students to thrive and prosper!

The Festival of Music provides our school with a program that connects each of us with our shared humanity.


Musical showcase

This is wonderful evening is held over two evenings every two years. Embraced by the whole school community, the night showcases music performed by students of Littlehampton Primary school.

Visual Arts program with Amanda Herbert

Years Rec  -6

Learning in Visual Art inspires students to think creatively, be curious, problem solve and represent meaning using a variety of art techniques and materials. While analysing art and developing their practical skills, students explore and expand their understanding of the world they live in.


Students from Years 2-6 attend double or single visual art lessons and engage in a range of activities which involve responding and making various artworks.

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • 3-D sculpture (papier-mâché, fibre art, clay, found materials construction)
  • Printmaking
  • Collage

Students may also take part in excursions and art projects, such as:

  • Excursions to local art galleries
  • Special outside community projects
  • Special arts projects linked with the Littlehampton kitchen garden program
  • School community based art projects
  • Working with local artists
  • Involvement in art competitions

Physical Education program with Chris Lay

Reception – Year 6

Curriculum News:

Moving our body, Understanding movement and Learning through movement are the three main Curriculum areas for Physical Education. In these, we aim for students to achieve learning skills through the different sports we introduce, movement sequences, positive participation, strategies of working in groups, problem solving, understanding rules, fair play, community connections, cultural games, feedback and social skills.

Through Visible Learning, the students are aware of the learning goal for each lesson and the success criteria to achieve the learning goal. Through feedback and formative assessments the students are able to set goals on what they want to challenge themselves on. Many of the students have a variety of experiences and we encourage students to be active in organising and leading warm up, stretches and lesson drills.



  • Courier Cup competition       3rd place in the district.

Rylan Henke 3rd place in Courier Cup race and won the David Thompson cup.

  • Oakbank Athletics Carnival     4th place in the district

Orlando Usher won boy athlete of the day.



  • Girls Crows Cup    1st place

Our Sporting Schools program, conducted by qualified coaches, provides students with sessions in a range of sports, In 2021 the students had rugby, gymnastics and basketball.

Students also have access to elite sporting opportunities through the South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA). This includes participating in events such as the Courier Cup Swimming Carnival, District and State Athletics Day, District and State Cross Country, as well as district and state cricket, football, soccer, netball and softball.

Our Annual Sports day is also a highly valued community event. This is now run over two days, separating the Junior Primary and Primary classes.

Spanish Language program

Years 1- 6

Spanish is taught to all students from Reception to the senior years. The program incorporates a variety of approaches including traditional methods of repetition and memorization to more interactive means such as the use of games and music in the younger years. Listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish are introduced at each year level, and as students make progress they are exposed to more bilingual and immersive texts.

Students are encouraged to make connections between English and Spanish by understanding cognates and stem words which have a common grounding in Latin.

Spanish learning considers both Castilian Spanish and some of the nuances of Latino Spanish. Cultural awareness is also emphasized as a part of the program.

While there is no homework as such, students are encouraged to incorporate basic phrases into daily activities at home as well as in class.

Assessment is both formative, based on student’s weekly engagement, and summative through regular short quizzes and / or other related tasks.