Specialist programs

Littlehampton Primary School offers students a range of extracurricular activities and specialty programs to broaden their skills and education.

Music program with Gisela Obst

Music Brochure

Reception – Year 5

Students develop their music skills through a range of activities including song, movement, dance, listening, playing instruments, creating music and performing.

Instrumental music

Private tuition is available for drums, keyboard/piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone.


All students who learn a musical instrument are invited to participate in our school band.


Students in years 5-7 are welcome to join our school choir.

Musical showcase

This is wonderful evening is held over two evenings every two years. Embraced by the whole school community, the night showcases music performed by students of Littlehampton Primary school.

Visual Arts program with Mandy Herbert

Years 2 -7

Once a fortnight, students have a double visual arts lesson which encompasses:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • 3-D sculpture (craft, papier-mâché, weaving and pottery)
  • Printmaking

Students may also take part in excursions and art projects, such as:

  • The excursion to the Hahndorf Sculpture Symposium where students sculpted limestone
  • Special arts projects linked with the kitchen garden program
  • Working with sculptor Sylvio Apponyi in creating the Littlehampton Community History Trail
  • Involvement in Carclew Poetry and Sculpture project, “Wings”

Physical Education program with Brigitte French

Reception – Year 7

To develop physical wellbeing, coordination and general fitness, students participate in weekly Phys Ed lessons that include:

  • Athletics, games skills and game sense
  • Hand/eye and foot/eye coordination
  • Small ball/ large ball skills
  • Throwing, catching, fielding, and kicking skills
  • Hitting skills
  • Fitness activities

Our Sporting Schools program, conducted by qualified coaches, provides students with sessions in a range of sports such as cricket, football, volleyball, basketball badminton and gymnastics.

Students also have access to elite sporting opportunities through the South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA). This includes participating in events such as the Courier Cup Swimming Carnival, District and State Athletics Day, District and State Cross Country, as well as district and state football, soccer, hockey, basketball, netball, softball and tennis.

Our Annual Sports day is also a highly valued community event.

French Language program with Sarah Slee

Years 1- 7

The AIM French program, based on the use of stories and music, was introduced to Littlehampton Primary School in 2015. All students attend a number of French lessons with Sarah Slee, a native French speaker from Switzerland.

Language skills are developed using a number of techniques including:

  • Stories written in the form of a play, which become the focus for a range of activities that help students develop competence and confidence in the language.
  • Music integrated with the story. Students will learn to perform a play and a dance.
  • Gestures; a technique that uses hand signs to help students to learn and remember vocabulary.
  • Emphasis on the development of speaking, reading and listening skills. As students’ abilities in French improve, writing will also become a major aspect.