Inquiry based learning

Any parent knows that kids LOVE asking questions! Sometimes it seems that’s all they do. Questions are how children learn and make sense of the world, and inquiry based learning uses that natural curiosity as the basis for students’ learning experience.

We use the inquiry based learning model to encourage our students to ask rich, purposeful questions, to discuss their method of thinking with others, and to follow their curiosity to develop their own learning paths.

How inquiry based learning is taught

Our class teachers use an inquiry framework to teach Science, Health, History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship. Students are supported in inquiry based learning by our Teacher Librarian who teaches specific skills, such as:

  • Research,
  • Questioning and predicting
  • Planning and conducting fair tests
  • Processing and analysing data and information
  • Evaluating and communicating findings

We encourage families to become involved in their child’s learning by asking them about the inquiry learning they’re doing at school. Often we find the whole family gets involved and that’s when the best learning happens!