21st century learning

In a world that’s evolving at a faster pace than at any other time, students will need more than an understanding of traditional core subjects to flourish. In order to live, work and succeed as adults, today’s children will need to develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Students at Littlehampton Primary School are encouraged at every stage to develop these skills through classwork, inquiry and investigation. We provide challenges to help them think critically and develop problem solving strategies; we offer room to explore creativity through experimentation and investigation; and we teach students how to successfully communicate and collaborate with teachers and classmates alike.

Establishing the foundation for these life skills is at the core of everything we do.

Digital Technologies

Today’s students are digital natives – born into a digital world and technologically literate by the time they start school. We see technology as a vital tool in optimising learning outcomes and empowering our students to create, connect and investigate. Our aim is to provide students with 1:1 access to digital devices so they can access the endless possibilities technology can provide in a contemporary classroom.

With the ability to analyse new information and apply ideas and knowledge to new situations, combined with a deep-seated understanding of digital technology, our students will be well equipped to thrive in the 21st century.