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We hope you saw our email on Monday about the  Effective Learner Profile we are developing. We are busy developing Visible Learners at LPS and  our Effective Learner Profile will be a central part of this.

Our Effective Learner Profile will be bank of characteristics that students will draw on to support them in being Visible Learners. The characteristics will be taught explicitly in classrooms and become part of our common language here at our school. We hope they become a part of your language at home too.

We’d love you to vote for the characteristics you believe are most important in being an effective, lifelong learner. Please select up to 6 from the list or suggest one if it is not featured. A working group will take all data (from staff, students and parents) to come up with our final Effective Learner Profile. More information will then follow

Click the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C67NKS8



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