School volunteer program

Getting involved in your school is a great way to help out, learn new skills and be part of the broader school community. Join more than 80 school volunteers to participate in a wide variety of programs which support student learning, such as:

  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG) cooking and gardening classes
  • Helping children read by listening and providing support
  • Learning Assistance Program
  • MultiLit tutoring for students falling behind in literacy
  • Parent Craft Group
  • Parents and Friends
  • working bees

To raise funds for the SAKG program, our creative parents meet regularly for the Parent Craft Group. They put their artistic skills to use crafting high-quality, inexpensive gifts for students to buy for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

Requirements to become a school volunteer

To ensure the safety of all students in our care, the Department of Education and Child Development requires all volunteers to:

Regular volunteers, other than parents working directly with their own child’s class, are also required to undergo a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion Criminal Screening check.