Feedback on our school

All feedback we receive about our school is highly valued. It helps us identify where we can better meet your needs, as well as those areas we’re doing great.


We do our best to ensure all our students and parents are happy, but if you do have a complaint we take it seriously and encourage you to take the following steps:

  • Download our Record of Complaint Form, complete the top section (“Name of Person Raising Complaint” and “Overview of Concern”) then lodge the form with the school where our staff will use it to document the resolution process. Alternatively, you can call our front office staff who will begin the process for you.

You can visit the DECD website for further options.


Of course, we also love to hear what we’re doing well! You can send positive feedback to via email or via form below.

Nominate a teacher for an award

Has your child’s teacher done an outstanding job? Why not nominate them for an SA Excellence in Public Education Award. Nominations are open from late 1st term and early 2nd term.

Feedback Form

Feedback & Complaints