School policies & documents

Littlehampton Primary School has a broad range of policies for the safety and wellbeing of our students and teachers which can be found below.

Site Context Statement
Site Improvement Plan Summary 2023
Preschool Quality Improvement Plan Summary 2023
Annual Report 2023

Parent Information

Parent Information Booklet
Preschool Philosophy Statement

Attendance Policy

Emergency procedures whole school summaries

External Fire (Bushfire)
Internal Fire
What happens on a Code Red Catastrophic Day
Bushfire Preparedness 

Emergency Management Plan 2023

Wellbeing and Behaviour

Super Seven Values
It Stops Steps

Shared Responsibilities for Behaviour Management

Behaviour Policy

Health Related Policies

Nut Awareness
Head Lice


DfE Complaints Procedure

Other Policies

School Uniforms
ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

Student Mobile Phone Policy 

Available on Request

Excursion Policy & Guidelines
Camp Procedures