Meet your child’s teaching team

Your child’s teachers work together as a team to provide a well-rounded and balanced education. Our strong collegial environment ensures our teachers develop a broad overview of how your child is progressing academically, socially and emotionally, enabling them to provide the right level of support at every stage of education.

Get to know our team here:

Leadership Team

Irene Scriven – Principal
Renee Lynn – Deputy Principal
Nathan Sanders – ­Assistant Principal
Pauline Bolto – SSO leader

Front Office Team

Deborah Jackson – School Secretary
Judi Daniel – Finance Officer
Michelle Calderwood – PA to Principal, Finance Officer

Our Preschool Team

Evelyn Lam – Lead Teacher
Dawn Clampitt – SSO
Belinda Banks – SSO
Josie Cooper – SSO

Our Classroom Teachers


Deborah Tarca
Renee Cooper

Year Reception / 1

Lorna McLean

Year 1

Leonie Chatfield
Courtney Graeber

Year 2

Kelly Shute
Sue Close

Year 3

James Murray
Gillian Bevan

Year 4

Helen Kupczynski

Sara Weston

Danielle Stone

Year 4/5

Julie Claridge

Year 5

Helen Kupczynski

Lynne Asquith

Year 6

Alison Bishop

Year 6/7

Kristi Wandner
Tracey Barnes

Ruby Bambrick

Liz Murphy


Our Specialist Teachers

Chelsea Easton – Music
Brigitte French / Jason Fishers – PE
Jodie Ellery – Cultural Studies
Mandy Herbert – Visual Arts

Keiran Sandow – Science

Mandy Betts – Special Ed

Resource Centre Team

Barbara O’Connor – Teacher Librarian
Paula Simmons – SSO Library and ICT Support

Student Support Officers (SSOs)

Pauline Bolto
Kylie Moult-Smith
Kerry Marshall
Sandra Ferber
Belinda Banks
Belinda Krotofil
Dawn Clampitt
Nicole Kohlhagen
Janelle Robinson

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Team

Sam Butcher – Kitchen Specialist
Janelle Robinson – Garden Specialist


Wally Brunnbauer/Chris Bourne

Counsellor and Pastoral Support Worker

Renee Lynn (Deputy Principal) – School Counsellor 1 day a week
Kate Oglanby – Pastoral Support Worker


Kathryn Schultz – Director
Catherine Martin – Assistant Director

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