Empowering our students

At Littlehampton Primary and Preschool, our students are at the centre of everything we do. We encourage curiosity and a love of learning. We help them develop the skills to overcome challenges and strengthen their leadership qualities. We give our students a voice to be heard and the right tools to fulfil their potential. We support their education by allowing them to discover the very best of who they are.

About 21st Century Learning

Learning at Littlehampton

With a strong history of academic success, Littlehampton Primary and Preschool strives to create a learning environment where our students feel supported, encouraged, challenged, engaged and inspired. We use inquiry based learning to promote curiosity and critical thinking skills empowering our students to become lifelong learners. Our goal is to help our students flourish and become valued members of the community.

About Inquiry Based Learning

Nurturing relationships & wellbeing

Our school program provides students the right educational support and life skills to help them develop optimism and resilience. They learn how to build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, strengthen their relationships, practice mindfulness and embrace a healthy lifestyle, enabling them to face life’s challenges with greater confidence. This results in children who are happier, healthier and better prepared for life as adults.

Student Wellbeing

curiosity to

Embracing our community since 1892

Our school community is made up of teachers, students, parents and volunteers, all working together to make our school strong. The skills and time our parents and community members volunteer is invaluable, while our teachers work hard to maintain their well-deserved reputation as inspirational and motivated educators. They work hard to create an engaging learning environment for our students and maintain a close working relationship with the Littlehampton Primary and Preschool Governing Council to continually improve the school and student outcomes.

Becoming a Volunteer


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Creating a flourishing
school community is
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LPS culture

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